Artificial Intelligence based software engines

With a third of world population equipped with a smartphone and most of them having access to high speed data, next obvious step for effective use of technology is to implement functionalities of personal assistants into daily use applications. We develop mobile and web applications in the field of transport, education, travel and social interaction utilizing artificial intelligence.

About Us

Phronza was founded in Singapore in late 2016 to utilize futuristic technologies to improve the quality of life. We envision to do this by removing non-productive routines using simple but powerful technology solutions. These applications help to automate various interactions with technology interfaces in our daily life.


Syam Kumar, Founder Director

With over 20 years of work experience in managing data and technology solutions and ample management experience, Syam, Founder Director of Phronza, is passionate about decision making using data and futuristic technologies. Syam holds an M.Tech in Knowledge Engineering from National University of Singapore, where he was introduced to AI technologies and data mining techniques. He also holds an M.B.A from Lancaster University, UK. He believes in effective use of technology to help improve quality of life and social progress.

He started his career as a programmer and worked most of his career in data management and analysis division of reputed market research companies such as TNS and J.D. Power and Associates. He last served as Director for Global Research Services with J.D. Power and Associates in their Singapore office.

Apart from managing a team of analysts and software engineers and managing projects involving large amount data, he has lead projects involving text analytics, machine learning and AI techniques.

Our Vision

To become one of the respected global brands in intelligent software solutions that enhances the quality of life. Phronza envision to achieve this by increasing productivity through reduction of tedious human interactions with various systems.

Our Values

  • Technology: Optimum utilization of futuristic technology
  • Quality: Maximum effort to deliver highest possible quality
  • Environment: Social wellbeing and sustainable progress
  • Integrity: Fairness in all dealings with our stakeholders

Our Services

Online Classes

Phronza is taking internet based learning to the next level by implementing AI and machine learning techniques in efficient and effective online learning. The platform offers flexibility for teachers and students to attend classes in the comfort of their home. Data analytics and feedback loop in the platform helps customization of the classes according to individual need. AI techniques reduce the tedious tasks carried out by teachers and help them to focus on high value activities instead. This gives focus on identifying the weak points for each individual student and prescribe action plans. If you have a couple of hours a week and a specific skill you want to teach, please singup as an instructor here .

Data Management and Analytics

All businesses typically collect data while interacting with their stakeholders – consumers, partners and others . Businesses will benefit by using the data collected effectively for improving their process or to predict the outcome of business decisions. Phronza aims to facilitate businesses to exploit the full potential of data through data analytics and process automation to enhance their performance

Intelligent Software Solutions

With the advent of faster processors and specific chipset focusing on machine learning, AI techniques gathered momentum in recent years. Growth in AI and machine learning tools and techniques also got enormous support from the wider availability of huge volume of data from various interactions of humans, machines and from sensors. These new tools and techniques have opened up opportunities for us to build applications to improve the quality of life. We develop software engines and mobile applications utilizing machine learning algorithms and AI techniques in the field of transport, real estate, education and social interactions.

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